How Sedl works: 4 steps

On the surface, Sedl works like many other apps that allow you to send and receive money.

But the process underneath is very unique — and this is what makes Sedl faster, more secure and more global than many other methods.

1. Choose a recipient and amount, then send!

Sedl users are identified by email address. Your Sedl account is linked to your bank account.

2. Sedl converts the funds to Tether

Tether is a type of cryptocurrency called a “stablecoin.” This means its value is stable, because it’s linked to the value of U.S. dollars.

    why we do this
  • Converting to Tether allows us to take advantage of the speed, security, and other benefits of blockchain technology. It also allows Sedl to work across borders. Since Tether is a stablecoin, it’s simple and reliable to convert it to whatever currency you use.
3. The recipient receives the amount in their Sedl wallet

The transaction takes seconds and is automatically recorded on our blockchain ledger. The ledger documents every Sedl transaction as a way of protecting against fraud and theft.

How we keep our fees so low

No onboarding fees that are common on many crypto exchanges

No bank or wire fees that make Western Union and similar options so expensive

The recipient has two options:

Keep the funds in their Sedl wallet.

Sedl stores the money as Tether coins.

Deposit the funds into their bank account.

Sedl converts the Tether coins into the recipient’s chosen currency and deposits the full amount in their bank account. Users can set the app to do this automatically if they wish.

Why this makes Sedl better than the rest

Fast, secure transfers on the blockchain

Fast settlements with connected bank accounts

User-friendly interface and contact list

Super-low fees, even on global transfers

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